Thomas L. Thomasson, DDS

Having graduated with honors from The West Virginia School of Dentistry and attending on a U.S. Naval Dental Scholarship, Dr. Thomas L. Thomasson moved to Colorado and began private practice in 1978. 

Initially creating a successful general dentistry practice, Dr. Thomasson discovered interest in temporomandibular joint dysfunction(s) (TMJ) as well as other related craniomandibular disorders of the head, neck and facial regions. In 1980, Dr. Thomasson became a Board certified Diplomate of the American Board of Craniofacial Pain and has since successfully treated over 8,000 patients suffering the debilitating pain of craniofacial disorders.  
When not tending to patients, Dr. Thomasson spends time with his wife, Karen, their two daughters, Andrea and Leslie, and five grandchildren.  Dr. Thomasson also has 2 cockapoos and a 110 pound Great Pyrenees.

Dr Thomasson is an internationally recognized speaker on the subject of craniofacial pain treatment and management and is currently involved in biomolecular tissue regeneration research, autoimmune compromise, early osteoporosis, and the effects of all three nitricoxide molecules.